Exodus & our journey toward liberation

by susan on September 1, 2017

Not only are we beginning to gather in a new space this Sunday, we are also starting to explore a new series of scriptures. As we depart a place we’ve been gathering in for the past two years, it seems fitting to begin hearing the story of how God initiates the movement of an entire community of people.

Exodus tells us about a mobile God who mobilizes people, about a liberating God who liberates people & about how we are invited to be part of the action. Exodus tells us about a long journey, not unlike our own, that is full of ups & downs, conflict, catastrophe & celebration. Exodus tells us about how God called the Israelite people to leave an oppressive Egyptian empire and to become a community rooted in God’s ways instead.

It’s not too difficult to find ourselves in this story. Just look around at all that’s happening in our lives, our community & world: there is not doubt that we are being called to be both participants & agents of God’s liberation. The challenge, though is how exactly we are called to respond.

One of the images that pops up in Exodus is that of a wilderness community. Were they courageous? Yes. Resilient? Yes. Perfect? No. They struggled to see the way forward, to trust in God’s “enough” & to learn to be alongside one another in life-giving ways. They had much to learn about how to relate to God & each other.

As we journey through these texts during our Sunday gatherings, we’ll wonder together about what it means to be liberated by God, what it means to have God alongside as we journey toward freedom & what it means to walk alongside each other in the ups & downs of life.

It’s a great time to join us. Everyone is welcome in our mobile community of misfits, seekers, learners, doubters, sinners & saints.


September 3      Exodus 3:1-15

September 10    Exodus 12:1-14

September 17    Exodus 14:19-31

September 24    Exodus 16:2-15

October 1          Exodus 17:1-7

October 8          Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-20

October 15        Exodus 32:1-14

October 21-22   Fall Renewal Weekend: Kathy Escobar (Faith Is a Verb! More details to come.)

October 29       Sabbath Sunday (no Sunday gathering)

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