Our Leadership

We look to Christ as our model for leadership.  Leadership at The Well looks less like a set of power structures and more like ways of service.  We believe that all are uniquely gifted and empowered to serve as part of the body of Christ.  All Well participants are encouraged to serve in these designated areas according to their gifts and interests: Hospitality Ministry, Mission, Spiritual Formation  Ministry, Stewardship Ministry,  and Worship Ministry.

The Vision Team is dedicated to listening, discerning and making recommendations based on a shared vision of The Well.  Each ministry area is represented in order to help synchronize our hopes, dreams & plans.  Currently, those serving on our Vision Team include:

Amy Beyard, Children’s Ministry Group
Bob Beyard, Stewardship Group
Trevor Little, Vision Team Participant
Gail Patin, Spiritual Formation Group
Marcia Putney, Vision Team Participant
Todd Putney, Vision Team Participant
Kevin Rogers, Worship Ministry Group
Susan Rogers, Pastor
Greg Warner, Vision Team Participant

Rev. Susan Rogers is serving as our pastor. Having worked as an occupational therapist for 9 years, she felt God inviting her to pursue a calling into vocational ministry. She graduated from the McAfee School of Theology in 2008 and served as Minister to Students, then Associate Pastor at Peachtree Baptist Church in Atlanta. Her love for inner city ministry and passion for re-imagining the church led her and her family to return to Jacksonville to start a new church through a generous partnership with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Florida. Susan has been married to her husband, Kevin for 19 years and they have two daughters.