Our Mission, Practices & Beliefs

well circle

We are a community of faith practicing the way of Jesus together by loving God, our neighbor, and our city. 

In Jesus, Son of God, we find one who loved freely, was led by the Spirit, and walked in fellowship with the Creator. Jesus embodied the kingdom of God and invited all to be part of his life-giving, love-centered way. We look to Jesus as the leader and model for how we are community together. The way of Jesus is lived best in community. As such, The Well is an inclusive* faith community that fully embraces and welcomes all persons into its life and ministries, whatever their race, gender, gender identity/expression, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, or special needs. Those who participate in the life of The Well come from a variety of backgrounds and reflect a range of perspectives. We do not come together seeking conformity, but rather to hear, follow, and serve God in community.

We believe God reveals God’s desires to us through relationships, scripture, experience, tradition, and reason. We believe the Bible to be the voices of many who have come before us, to pass along their history, poems, stories, accounts, and letters. We believe that these inspired scriptures are to be responsibly interpreted and understood in context. Discernment and application of scripture are enhanced through personal study and in community.

In following the way of Jesus, we value these core practices, and are striving to live them out as individuals and as a community:

Welcoming: We want to provide a safe and welcoming space for each individual to express concerns, celebrations, doubts, fears and questions. We long to invite all people to experience the gospel and to practice the Kingdom of God with us.
Journeying: We are fellow-travellers who are seeking to follow Christ in the midst of our daily lives. We acknowledge that none of us has arrived, that we have much to learn, and that for us, church is journey, not destination.
Connecting: We recognize that it is through relationships that we experience connection with God and with one another. We come together to encourage, challenge, worship, discuss, and discover the ways that God is calling us to live out God’s story.
Collaborating: We are striving to responsibly serve our neighbors in need, and are committed to collaborating with other community groups and organizations in fulfilling this part of our mission.
Re-imagining: While we respect and seek to follow a rich Christian heritage, we also value our freedom to creatively re-imagine the church in our current context. We are committed to questioning and critiquing our current practices, and are open to God’s guidance into new expressions of church.

* By “inclusive,” we mean that identifying as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and/or Queer does not create a barrier for full participation in The Well’s life together, including ordination & leadership.