Our Story


In February 2011, a small group of people met for dinner to hear about and imagine together forming a new church rooted in the Springfield neighborhood. This group began meeting weekly for potluck dinner and scripture exploration at Carl’s Main Street Restaurant on Sunday evening, March 6th. In the weeks to come, they would listen and learn about the neighborhood, and become involved in opportunities for service and friendship. Together, they felt God inviting them to create a spiritual home that reflected the diversity, pioneering spirit and hospitality of Springfield. In the months to follow, they continued to listen, dream, serve, partner, invite others to participate in forming this new spiritual community.

As the group began to grow, they moved into a new space and began monthly, then weekly worship gatherings at the City Kidz Event Center just down the street from Carl’s. While  still gathering during the week for dinner and discussion, morning worship has opened up a new way for neighbors to connect to God and one another. It is an exciting time as the group discerns together how they will live out their mission of loving God and loving neighbor in this particular time and place.

To be continued…