Becoming Children

by susan on August 9, 2018

The writer of 1 John repeatedly refers to the friends he is writing to as “children of God.” It’s easy to brush right past these words, but maybe we should let them sink in a little.

After all, he’s writing to adults.

He’s writing to people who have wisdom & experience. He’s writing to friends who’ve faced life & death situations, who’ve made monumental decisions, who’ve settled into routines & even gotten caught in ruts, who know stress & struggle…and, yet:

he calls them children.

Not just children, but children of the God who was fully revealed in Jesus.

According to Henri Nouwen,

“Jesus came to announce to us that an identity based on success, popularity and power is a false identity- an illusion! Loudly and clearly he says: ‘You are not what the world makes you; but you are children of God.” – Henri Nouwen

What does it mean to live into this identity?
What does mean for us to nurture a more child-like approach to life?
What does it mean to be children of the kind of God revealed in Jesus?

During our Sunday gatherings for the remainder of August, we’ll be exploring portions of 1 John and what it means to live into this identity.

This will also be a good opportunity for us to begin preparing for The Well’s annual beach & baptism day on September 30th. Each year, we take a Sunday to head to the beach together and celebrate baptism with those who are choosing to follow Jesus. It’s also a day for others to reflect upon & renew our own baptisms and for all of us to enjoy spending time together.

Wherever you are on your journey of life or faith, you are welcome. Bring your doubts, fears, joys & concerns & gather with us.

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