Sunday gatherings

Sunday gatherings are an important part of our life together as a community of faith. While worship is something we can do individually throughout the week, we believe there is significance in our coming together to orient our lives around God and God’s vision for the world. Currently, we gather most Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum in Springfield.  Dress as casual as you like.

During most Sunday gatherings, we sing, pray, explore scripture and share communion together. There are opportunities to listen, to reflect, to share and to give. Recognizing that we are not all in the same place on our journeys, we give opportunities to express joy, concern, doubt and trust during our time together. Worship may not look or sound the same every time you join us. From time to time, we leave our worship space to spend Sunday morning at our neighborhood brewery, hosting a clean up or serving alongside neighbors in need. Make sure to check our calendar or subscribe to weekly updates before you plan your visit.