Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
Most of our gatherings take place in the historic Springfield neighborhood, just a few blocks north of downtown Jacksonville. Most recently, we have been worshipping and hosting potluck gatherings at the City Kidz Event Center at 1303 N. Main Street.

What can I expect at worship gatherings?
Our worship gatherings involve music, scripture readings, a message and opportunity for prayer and reflection. Worship is led by those involved in our faith community, including our children. For Sunday morning worship, we invite everyone to join us at 10 a.m. for refreshments, and we begin worship at 10:30 a.m. You can expect the service to last about an hour.

Are you connected to a particular denomination or tradition?
Our goal is to be a spiritual community where people from diverse spiritual traditions or with no religious experience feel at home. While we are already a diverse group of people from differing backgrounds and denominations, we do affiliate ourselves with our founding missional partnership organization, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. This affiliation does not involve any creeds or hierarchical demands, and encourages the autonomy of the local church. It does, however, provide us with resources and opportunities to have a greater impact as we join together with those all over the world who are also seeking to be the presence of Christ.

Why is “church” not a part of your name?
Although we know there will be challenges as we journey together, we hope to be the best definition of the word “church”. Unfortunately, church has become defined as a building, its programs and the maintenance of an organization. We feel challenged to re-imagine church as a spiritual community of Christ-followers seeking to practice the way of Jesus together. Recognizing that this is often not how people have experienced the church, we want to communicate our striving to not be bound by a particular model of being church.