Practicing resurrection through our bodies

by susan on April 5, 2018

“The Word became flesh & blood…” – John 1:14

The entirety of the gospel springs from this one not-so-minor detail:

God came to us in a flesh & blood human being.

Jesus came in a body.

Through his body, we see what love & justice & generosity look like.
Through his body, we see what humility & care & healing look like.
Through his risen body, we encounter the miracle of resurrection.

Yet, while a body is fundamental to the gospel, the church has been painfully silent about bodies. We prefer to talk about “spiritual” matters; and, somewhere along the way, someone decided bodies are not spiritual matters.

That’s a problem & it has created a bunch of other problems like these…

We mistreat & mistrust our bodies. We disconnect our bodies from the earth & from responsible care of the earth. We experience body shame & self-image problems. We lack tools for developing a healthy, whole sexuality. We silence victims of sexual abuse … and the list goes on.

We are suffering because we have not connected our faith with day-to-day life in our bodies.

During our upcoming Sunday gatherings, we will be considering how we practice resurrection through our bodies. What does the story of Scripture have to say about bodies? How do we care for our bodies & reconnect them to the earth? How do we respond to the bombardment of sexualized, perfected & exploited bodies all around us? How do we care for suffering bodies? How do we talk about & listen to our bodies & develop a healthier, more life-giving sexuality?

These are some of the questions we will wrestle with together & I hope you will consider joining us… every”body” is welcome :-).

Peace & love,


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