3D Groups & Other Ways to Connect

we make the road 33D Groups are gatherings for dinner, discussion and discovery.  Groups are typically hosted in a Well participant’s home on a week night.  The evening begins with a potluck meal and then moves into an intentional time of discussion.  Some of our discussions are focused on a particular topic while others might center around a story from scripture, a book we are reading, Sunday’s sermon or the sharing of our faith stories.  We encourage those who attend to listen deeply, to refrain from telling others what they must believe and to respect where others are on their faith journeys. Questions are welcomed (& encouraged). Please see our calendar of events for more details about the meeting times and places of current 3D groups.

There are other opportunities to connect with those in our community throughout the week.

Currently, we have a men’s breakfast group that meets at the San Marco Panera most Fridays  at 7 a.m. and a Tuesdays at Tommy’s (1540 Walnut St.) breakfast group that meets at 8:30 a.m. Subscribe to our weekly update for most current meeting times.