Learning to be alive

by susan on April 10, 2015

Fully alive

Last Sunday we came together to celebrate resurrection on the lawn of our neighborhood elementary school.  It was a beautiful day!

By now, the Easter message has blurred, the egg hunt pictures have all been shared & the joy of resurrection has faded into the reality of another busy week of school, work and daily chores.

It’s no wonder the Christian church has more than a day set aside to consider resurrection. There are actually 50 days that make up the Easter season, and we need every one of them to let the news sink in.

The news is this: God is alive and we are invited to be fully alive as well.
We are invited to know the everyday reality of new and abundant life.
It’s no small thing, especially considering all of the ways we struggle to know aliveness in body, soul & mind.

For the next six weeks, during our community worship gatherings, we’ll be exploring stories and encounters involving resurrection. Each Sunday, we will also consider what it means to be fully alive in particular areas of life (like in mental & physical health, like in relationships & vocations).

We would love for you to join us as we let the news sink in to the cracks and crevices of everyday life. God is alive & we are invited to be fully alive, too!


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