Life Together: Upcoming 3D Groups

by susan on September 9, 2014

community-questionThe life that Jesus invites us into is filled with hope.  In the midst of our very fragmented lives, one hope is that we will find community with others who are also struggling to follow this life-giving Way.  That is not always easy to find.

Communities often demand uniformity (“you must act, think or look like us to be a part”).
Leaders of these communities often dictate the agenda (“you keep quiet and listen to me tell you what you need to know”).
Communities often control who can be a part and who can’t (“only those who believe belong”).

Is this really the kind of community Jesus initiated?  It hardly seems so.  Gatherings of people seeking the way of Jesus might do better to look and sound a little more like the ministry of Jesus.  I imagine this would look like more conversations, more questions, more shared leadership, more shared meals, more healing, more doubts exposed, more friendships, more stories shared…

This is our hope as we journey together through The Well.  We will do it imperfectly, but we will keep learning, growing and practicing.  We will keep questioning, listening, serving and sharing life together.

Are you looking for this kind of community?  If so, you may want to find a way to connect with us.  We do “dinner church” on Sunday evenings (share a meal, explore scripture and worship around the tables) at 5 p.m. at 1950 Silver St.  We are also beginning two 3D groups, which are smaller gatherings for more in-depth conversation and learning.  Beginning the week of September 15th, a Book Group will meet on Monday evenings at 6 p.m. at Kevin & Susan Rogers’ home (1443 Silver St.) and will be reading Rob Bell’s What We Talk About When We Talk About God (order your copy now if you plan to participate!).  The Animate Bible Group will meet on Wednesday evenings at Jim & Sherry Shaw’s home (36 W. 3rd St.) to explore the story of how the Bible (which is often misused) came to be and how we can responsibly relate to it.  Both groups will meet for 7 weeks.  

You can also show up and serve with us.  We are hosting another Laundromat of Love at the Discount Coin Laundry at 9th & Main on Sunday, September 28th from 10 am-noon.

However and wherever you find community, I pray it will lead you into a deep sense of God’s love, presence & mission in the world.

Peace & love,

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