Why we’re gathering at the new neighborhood brewery…

by susan on June 17, 2017

We are so excited about tomorrow’s brunch gathering at Hyperion Brewing Co & hope you plan to be there!

Just a few reminders/thoughts/things to consider…

5 reasons why we are hosting brunch at Hyperion:

1. It’s a great way to be present & partnering with our neighbors.
2. We get to support & encourage 2 local businesses & a local artist!
3. To foster community & friendship.
4. Because we love to eat together (maybe a little too much!).
5. To share, give, laugh, imagine, savor, comfort & celebrate God’s goodness (hmm…this is starting to sound a lot like practicing the way of Jesus).

Things to consider doing:

1. Be good hosts (this may mean making sure there is enough food before we get more or giving up a seat so others can have one).
2. If you are able, give generously through tips or paying for someone else’s brunch.
3. Meet someone new (introverts, just one; extroverts, more than one :))
4. Bring a hygiene or food pantry item for our JASMYN collection.
5. Show up & pitch in where help is needed (**speaking of help, if anyone is able to help manage the electronic donations to cover brunch tomorrow, please let us know asap!**).

And, one more word – yes, we are hosting brunch at a brewery, but like all of our gatherings, we promise to make this a safe & welcoming space for drinkers, non-drinkers, kids, Jesus followers, skeptics, those of other faith or those who are not sure where/if they fit in.

Peace + love,


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